Windows XP – The End

Are you worried about your Windows XP dying or something drastic like that? Well, rest assured it will function for a few months (or years for that matter). Unfortunately you’ll be without support. Meaning, the Windows Update application will not be finding anything on Bill Gates’ servers anymore.

No more updates but it should still work for you.

No more updates but it should still work for you.

With that being said, this geek highly reccommends you upgrade to [at least] a Windows 7 version. If you need help with that, fill out my contact form and I’ll give you a free consultation!

Click here for free software that will get your data transferred to your new Windows 8.1 installation!

iPhone Quickies

I don’t get asked daily about how to get the most out of your iPhone. I do , however, offer it up when someone has a problem and I notice ‘default’ settings.

Apple Developers do a great job at optimizing their iOS out of the box. With a few settings changes, we can gain optimal battery performance and enhance our personal security.


  1. Get updated!
    Latest Update iOS 7.1
    Latest Update iOS 7.1

    The latest version is iOS 7.1. If you don’t have it, your iPhone will not like you for it.

  2. Disable “Background App Refresh”
    Disabling B.A.R. will increase battery life
    Disabling B.A.R. will increase battery life

    Settings> General> Background App Refresh

  3. Disable Frequent Locations
    Big Brother is watching
    Big Brother is watching

    …so the NSA will have a harder time finding you (well maybe)!
    Settings> Privacy> Location Services> System Services> Frequent Locations

Reset Maintenance Required Indicator

Own a Toyota Matrix? No, I’m not going to talk about recalls. I’m going to tell you how to reset that pesky MAINT REQD indicator.

1. Close all the doors
2. Press & hold the Trip Odometer Reset button
3. Turn (but do not start) the ignition key to the “ON” position
4. The MAINT REQD indicator & odometer will flash
5. When reset, the dash indicators will return to normal.

You’re all set! Turn the engine over. Check for leaks. Reset your Trip B indicator.

iOS 7.1

Have you updated your iOS device to 7.1 yet? If you didn’t, you ‘re missing out on all the fun!

Welcome to my first blog post! Thanks for taking time to stop by for a spell.

You will find out soon that I was pulling your leg about all the fun in the newest Apple release of iOS 7.1. The biggest part of the update was the future integration of Car Play. It will feature Apple Maps, Phone, Messages and Music. Yes, your shiny new Ferrari will have the option of having the Car Play option installed in the dash! There is a host of automobile manufactures ready to get thier dashes adorned with an Apple logo, but Ferrari, Mercedes, Volvo Honda & Hyundai are ready to entice you this year! See the entire list here: Apple Car Play

Other enhancements in the update are:

  • Perspective Zoom

    Perspective View On
    Perspective View On

Allows you to turn the Zoom feature off when adding pictures as your wallpaper. Remember you didn’t have control of the picture placement or zoom when you added it as your wallpaper? Now you do!

  • Calendar Views

    Built-in Agenda View
    Built-in Agenda View

You now have the ability to see an integrated agenda with the Month View in your iOS Calendar App. Just click the first button on the upper-right row of icons (solid red).


  • UI Enhancements

    Interface Enhancements
    Interface Enhancements

You will notice your phone answer and hang-up buttons will be a little cleaner now. Just tap the ‘answer call’ button instead of swiping!

I like it…how about you?


I found one more tid-bit you might be interested in! Natural voices for Siri. I don’t recall seeing this many choices for his/her voice box.

More natural languages for Siri.
More natural languages for Siri.

Give it go, mate!

P.S. Make sure you’re on WiFi and plugged in to power to get this update.